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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Reviews of a Freelancer Employee

In the world of online jobs, competition is really nothing but normal. You either compete in hiring the best workers as an employer, or compete for the best employers with high wages as an employee. When we were just a kid in grade school, our teachers use to give us stars when we did a good job in school. This star marks the excellence of our performance.

Even when we get older, these stars give a deeper reflection of ourselves most especially as a worker or an employee. It would probably reflect who we are as an employee, and thus, having significant numbers of stars would probably be an advantage to other competitors. Having a great number of stars attracts employers.

Although, in an online job, rating an employee through stars may be a good way to have evaluation of an employee’s performance; this may not completely describe the capabilities of the employee himself.

In this situation, a more definitive and descriptive feedback is necessary. In many sites, particularly, this is what they call as “review”. Review can be an employer’s comment about the employee, his works and the job he performed, his capabilities and sometimes weaknesses. Having a good review in freelancer is far different in having great numbers of stars. Because reviews are much more definitive, your skills and capabilities are much more showcased. Your reviews will serve as a speaker and a mirror of your handicraft.

How then would you get good reviews? Below are some of the ways for you to get good reviews from your employers.

1.Always make it a point that you pass quality works and you must always give quality service to your employer. This is the most important factor in having good reviews. The employer should always be satisfied with anything that you are doing. Who knows, you might get an early bonus and a salary increase.

2.Pass your works (ie, article, essay, and reports), always-on time. Passing your works is just like meeting with your employees wherein you have to be polite so that you give them a good impression of who you are. Time will always be important for both sides.

3.Be always open in discussing problems with your employers so that no unclear deals and gaps may occur between the two of you. Your being honest is as important of having quality works.

4.Follow instructions as given. Following instructions well contributes to the satisfaction of the employer. You must always follow and do things as your employer wants. Remember, you must not as well object the will of your employer. The projects they are offering you may be important to them more than you could ever imagine.

5.Lastly, although some might think this as unnecessary because online job does not require so, respect your employees and be sincere to them. In work, to build a good working relationship, respect followed by trusts should be established first and shall serve as the foundation of the relationship. From this, friendship aside from the plain employer-employee relationship may be formed. This will allow you to show your skills without being misjudged first. Good reviews as a person not only as employee shall be expected.

Having good reviews really requires hard work. Remember, what you do is who you are!

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