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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Google Adsense ex-employee offering a service on a freelance site for invalid clicks and fake visitors??

sorry guys this post is not related to any freelance guides or tips..just want to shout out this illegal acts.

I've been a blogger since 2010. Honestly, my blog won't get a good visitors and my real purpose is get an extra income. I posted a project on freelancer to ask for help by a professional on how to increase my earnings on adsense
(under the adsense TOS). One of the user on that site gave me a good offer. He firstly introduce his self as a ex-employee of google adsense in India. He told me that he uses Dublin core Technology that google uses too.

Here is the freelancer's private message to me:


I have read all your req. very carefully.

reading all your points i have got an entire idea about what you are looking for.

but i have a bit different offer in which you will be very much interested.

and something which i need to tell you very frankly.

Before starting with anything i would like to say that i am an ex-employee of google, India.

I Mainly deal in Adsense Products and other marketing and SEO services.
I have a offer for you i which i can help you earn $5-$10 minimum daily with Adsense which will further keep on increasing

without any effort.

I am in practical touch of the technology used by google.
I will be using the Dublin core Technology which is rare in market since it is one of those technology which google uses for

itself.( used in Search engines)
Using that i can ensure you that you will getting around $5-$10 per day ( very easily ) which will further increase as your

sites grows older using this technology. including SEO and all other small and big formalities. (along with all the mentioned

points will be taken in responsibility)
These sites when Grow for a bit good time i.e around 4-5 weeks and plus will fetch you $10-20 very easily from each site per

day which will later increase as well.
reading all your point i can understand that your major concern is earnings from Google adsense.
All that will be taken care along with the good back links. and even if you want to start these sites with new Sites and new

domains the Dublin technology will index the pages in google very soon.
or else if you want to start with old domains i have facility of that as well.
I am no hurry of payment you can pay after after seeing the results seeing a steady flow of income because i know that my

results will pull you.
I will even put the google analytic which can show the amount of traffic coming to your site daily and even overall.
Apart from that There are many more stuffs Which i will let you know helping you for your earnings and other as well.

I am in practical touch with the technology used by Google so All these work which you have mentioned can be done easily by
Plus I am not demanding any upfront you pay when you see results. (Traffic and Earnings)

else i can even suggest you to take a site from me and then check it as well and come to a better conclusion.
then when you see and feel i am capable of fulfilling your req. you can go for more.

i know that my results will pull you. so i am very confident as well.

apart from that Adsense account can also be provided from me. ( plus i will practically share you some ways through which one

can have more than one account under one persons name . Plus many others things as well )
I will keep informing you all this as our relations increases as well.

I can guarantee that i will be very profitable for you and you will be very happy with my services as well.Check at the attachment i am sending you for a normal proof can provide more proofs as well and check my review as well.

looking for a long term Business.

I will be waiting for your reply.

This member attached an image - a proof of his earnings..


If this ex-employee uses the old stuff by adsense, adsense should be alerted before it goes to advertisers, surely it will be a big discouragement to advertisers side.

I saw that this freelancer has lots of project related to adsense fake clicks and visitors. His technology won't even touch the CTR of a websites. It is unfair to all google advertisers and google must be warned about this..Can anyone tell me how we would report this kind of illegal act?? Advertisers are paying for real clicks..its should be reported on google adsense!! Have mercy on advertisers!!!!!

A part of this private message he also sent a video on how it should be done..please take a look at here

Update: May 3, 2011.

I checked the freelancers account but I can't find him anymore..maybe his illegal act  comes to the ear of the authority and blocked him. Maybe Google new algorithm detected his software that stop him from business..he he he..I just realized that NO one can defeat google latests and smart technology...:) Two thumb ups for google!!!! Google NEVER tolerate illegal acts!!!! 

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  1. Very sad to hear one of our Indian person who was an ex-stuff of google are doing this illegal things.I am sure he will be punished by Google.But I am very interested the way he said that he can build some valuable backlinks.I am fond of it.More backlinks,mean more high rank on SERP and more traffic.This will automatically increase earnings from any site.Do you have any solution for high earnings from adsense or any other sites?I haven't yet approved by Google adsense as my domain is very new.Google has restriction for new domain from India.

  2. I've got another user named he/she fake?

  3. I don't know.. did you have got any transaction with this user?? It sounds that this one uses the same software..or maybe??

  4. Yes that is may need an extra time before it would get approved by adsense. Try to use chitika or infolinks for now :) Cheer up!

  5. maya2011 is a fucking fake guy. I payed him for two sites the first $300 and another $3200 and today my adsense account has been banned invalid clicks I cannot get any money out of the sites.


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