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Thursday, April 21, 2011

When and how do we write an article?

ArticleWriting3Hasn’t just the world experienced recession? Are you one of those unfortunate individuals who have just lost their long held jobs?

Well, just like you, I as well have been a victim of the so-called global recession. Both my parents lost their jobs because of the recession. Anyway, if you were one of us, do not just sit down there, stand up and look for a job to earn money.

There are many ways to earn money even though you may have lost your long held jobs.
Why not sell foods on the street, or, apply for a job on a fast food chain? Those things maybe are just minor source of income,
but you can earn with them in exchange for your hard work. If you find those ways a hard time to do so, then, there is one way I know that you could earn money. How? Just sit down. Maybe you are confused and wondering right now why I told you to do so. Let me continue, sit down, turn on your desktop or laptop and go for the search engines available in the net. Then type, “online job”, add the keyword freelancer. That way, you could find a job that would help you earn money. So think of this, instead of you walking on the street looking for a job that could give you your needs, you are just sitting down with same way, looking a job that would allow you to earn money. No sweat!!

There are many available jobs online, and the salary would depend on what job would you like to have. There could simple typing job, data entry, blogging and many others. Below, I am going to discuss about one particular job that everyone is almost capable of doing. Can you guess what is it? Okay, let me just tell you, it’s article writing. Usually, you will be given a topic to discuss and you are to expound it more by 500 words or greater.

Here we are going to discuss deeply the answers in these two questions: First, when do we write an article? Secondly, how can we write a good article that will be eye-catching and an article that is a dollar-magnet? Continue reading below and who knows, you may be employed for a long-term job by just writing an article.

Sometimes we write an article for research purposes, and school requirements and other more reasons. Now the norm reason for writing an article is to earn money. Would you believe that an article would cost you as much as 3 dollars per 50-word article? That is if you are good and lucky enough to take the offer.

Okay, now, how do we write an article that would take a deal, such as that? Yes, yes, there are ways to be able to do that. Now, I will be giving you some tips to make a dollar-magnet article.

•First, the article should be straight to the point if you were asked to write an article about “training an older dog”, then, discuss about how to train an older dog directly. You need not to give the reader cross roads before they could understand what you are talking about.

•The article should be encouraging to read. It should not be dull for sure. Yes friend, you hear it right dull. It should be funny at the same time to encourage the readers to read your article, and most importantly, encourage your employers to pay the article you wrote.

•It should be informative to the readers. Fun is nonsense when you are not able to bring the thought you want to share and the information that the readers are looking for.

•Last important point to consider, the article should be able to bring out the best in you. It should show who you are, because that way, the readers and your employer if what you are saying in the article is real and straight from the heart. Therefore, seriousness with the job, not just in the article writing specifically, and the sincerity is very important.

So, as I have told you, sit down. Turn on your desktops and start working with your own article for you to earn money. Bid and show them that you are exceptional among the rest of your competitors.

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  1. sarah jane DayangApril 26, 2011 at 2:03 AM

    paano ba yan? d aq marunong matuto...kakainis...scam ata yan eh.hirap

  2. Hi Sarah Jane! I'm sorry for the confusion I suggest you to subscribe on my blog so you will get updated for the latest tips, guides and how to's specially on finding jobs online. You will see a series of topics about online freelancing. And if possible, I would like to share my secrets on how I monetize my blog etc etc..thanks for visiting..

  3. i do have some writing ebooks. i can send them to you if you are interested. :) you may be able to use them on your future posts. ;-)

  4. you sell that ebooks?? What does it covers??


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