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Saturday, April 30, 2011

7 honest reason why I need to win this contest!


I am not a techie guy like others so don't expect me to write technical terms in my 7 reasons.

1st Reason 

ipadNo money. Pretty obvious, I join on this contest because I can't afford to buy this ipad that is worth $499. (don't know if that is the price). Its my 3 1/2 salary :( instead of buying that gadget I think I should need to buy something more important like foods etc.

2nd Reason

Never, Never.  Yes, I never used or never seen an ipad personally in my whole life :)) I'd like to be true...never in my entire life endeed! 

3rd Reason

tripplejackI'm so tired of playing tripple jack(tripplejack dot come) This site has a great offers, you could win an ipad or itune giftcards etc every month but before you can win you need to pass or get a ticket to qualify to that montly prizes. You need to pay a membership fee to pay for jacks that use for every tourneys to be able to join on monthly contest.  I spend almost all of my time for a chance of winning my dream ipad but things is not that easy. And I don't have that money to pay for membership fee for their monthly contest. :(

4th Reason

Exposure and my dream gadget - IPAD. Yes, I know if I win on this contest, I got the ipad, YES! and people will see my blog if Master Jehzlau announces who's the winner. Master jehzlau has a millions of traffic..right? he he he...My blog visitor is just 100s per day. I need more exposure :( help!

5th Reason

Me, Arby, Samira, Shantle
Education. This is also one of the most important, because my sister (Arby) and niece (Samira and Shantle) really needs this gadget too. They are going to high school this year and they might need it for their school report. I think using this gadget would make their classmate really understand what they try to explain by giving a good presentation. :). We know the traditional way of reporting in our high school life, cartolina, pointingstick and manila paper. ...hahaha..let make things easier today ;)
Traditional way of school reporting

Additionally, Through an ipad, they can expand their knowledge by showing their classmates where they can see importantant information regarding the report on the web.

6th Reason

Jasper,Godwin, Jolan,Angeline, Jc, Jowen

My nephews and Nieces
Honestly, the main reason why I'd like to get this ipad is because of these kids. We used to watch movies and video clips on youtube but since I am so busy with my other job, I can't let them use my computer because I really really need it :( if fortunately choosen, these kids would get benefited TOO because they can watch their favorite cartoons and discovery channel that we oftenly watch on youtube. I told them that we took some picture for this contest..they are always praying..Hope this angels would hear their prayers too.  

7th Reason

Last but not the least...Not left behind with the latest technology today :)

Before closing this contest entry, I'd like to thank this generous and very friendly contest creator Master Jehzeel H. Laurente, author/owner of the jehzlau concept blog, one of the top site in the Philippines AND his SPONSOR to this PRESTIGIOUS contest :p- SHERWEB.


sherweb_logoFor all you know Sherweb offers solution for SaaS hosted Exchange and MS Sharepoint. They offer reliable Microsoft webhosting services for any businesses for unbeatable prices.  

Here are they..he he he...

Credits: Photo from

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  1. Nabasa ko sa comment mu kay jehz, na u need tips on how to increase traffic, I think I can help you. Turo din ni Jehz ung iba jan, here's the link

  2. Hi Semidopel! Thank you sa link and natutuwa talaga ako dahil may mga filipino na gusto paring tumulong sa kapwa nila filipino..thanks semidoppel..good luck and God bless sa ating lahat..

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Thank you po Sir Jehz...

  5. Thank you Sir Jehz sa pagsilip mo sa entry namin!

  6. OMG! delete ko yung Comment mo sa akin Sir Jehz..grrrr..yung binubura ko yung isang comment ko pero nabura ko yung sayo..comment ka po ulit..sorry...awwwwww...

  7. nakow nabura? heheee...
    pretty done, direct to the point =)

  8. uu nga eh..kakaasar..ganda pa naman ng comment ni Sir Jehz..di ko pa kasi gaano kabisado tong blogger eh...

  9. hahahaha! thanks for joining! nagtaka ako nawala yung comment ko,, accident pala. hahaha :D

  10. uu nga Sir Jehz..di ko kasi gaano kabisado pa kasi gaano kabisado tong blogger. Di ko kasi tinangkang deleten yung isa kong comment hindi dun sa dashboard..he he he..thanks po ulit sa pagbisita sa blog ko..heheehe..


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