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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Which freelance article job you are interested with?”

Writing an article is one of the best ways to earn money online. In writing an article, you should remember that quality article is tantamount to higher earnings. That is why, it is important that you have the needed skills to write a quality article such as good grammar skills, sense of humor, and knowledge about the article and the topic scopes, etc.

Among all of the needed skills, knowledge is of great importance. So, my friend, it is vital that you choose a field that interest you, a field that you are good at, and you are really knowledgeable about.
Because interest is a subjective matter, and yourselves are the only ones’ who could say what are you really interested with, I will be giving you options on the different article jobs that you could choose from. Freelancer article jobs are of many different types aside from the mere common article and blog writing jobs that we are already familiar with.

Ghost writing, and web content article writing are one of the types of freelance article jobs you may consider choosing. Ghost writing job is writing for your employer and they will be taking full ownership to the articles. This type fits those newbie writers because the topics are given by the employer and the discussion is mostly outlined already. Web content writing job consists of writing an article for different search engine companies. Though topics are not given, this job fits still the newbie writers because huge topic scope that you could choose from are available, thus, you can choose a topic that you are already knowledgeable about.

Novel or e-book writing job, and greeting cards writing job are another types of freelance article writing jobs. Novel writing can be very challenging, but it fits those people who are fond of reading novels, story books, and pocket books. You may also be asked to do editing and proofreading. If you want a fun writing job and at the same time if you are creative enough, greeting card writing jobs will best suite you.

Web copy writing, press releases writing, and copy writing jobs will allow you to work for certain companies. If you are a good researcher and have a long spare time for online job, copywriting suites you wherein you will be writing articles for advertisements of a certain product by a company. Press release writing job will include writing articles announcing an important event in a company. Web copy writing job involves writing the logistics of a website such as FAQs, policies, terms of services etc.

The last types of writing job we are to discuss are academic writing and writing legal articles. If you are experienced writer already with the qualities needed, academic writing is best for you. Here you will write essays, reports, theses, research papers, and so forth. There are law offices who hire online writers to compose legal topics, attorney profiles, affidavits and the alike. If you have a law degree, I am sure that this article job is what you are looking for.

I have given you only few of the types so you can do as well your own research. What important in looking for a freelance article writing job, the field involved should be familiar with you and that you know it well.

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  1. Your right on one thing writing a novel is indeed Challenging but its undoubtedly fun, Though speaking this on my own prospective.


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