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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How to find legitimate online jobs on the internet?

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There are many jobs on the internet as there are on the actual field. But same as with the actual field, there are fake and even scam jobs which exist online with the purpose of taking an advantage over you and tricking you to gain access of your personal information.

In this article, we are going to discuss important matters in finding legitimate online jobs avoiding as well the scams and fake websites which cause you harm.

Herein are several ways to find legitimate jobs on the internet safely and avoiding scams at the same time:

-First of the most important steps in finding a legitimate online job is to do an extensive research before grabbing any opportunities. Within your research, you have to sort things between real and fake. Do not get too much emotionally excited with things. You must your thinking before your emotions. Be wise!

-To start finding jobs online, the easiest way is to access the huge search engines available such as Google and Yahoo. You can use keywords such as “work at home” and “online jobs”. These two will give you the most results. List down all job opportunities. To avoid scams, focus on the jobs that you are interested with and do not base your decision on merely the money that you may earn.

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Online job search
-There are online jobs which may sound too perfect and too good to be true, such as those saying “you may earn $ 500/night effortless”. For you to surely avoid scams, get rid of these sites! Remember, to earn money, you must work hard for it.

-The next step I am going to teach you is the wisest of all. After having a list of opportunities you have chosen, you may search the offered job with the site through google or yahoo adding the word “scam”. Most probably, you may find discussions and complains about the site as scam or not.

-Consider your time availability, skills, and capability in choosing job.

-Lastly, you may consult some people working on the site you have chosen. They may testify with the authenticity of the site, and they may serve as your guide.                                                          

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Scam Alert
Detecting if it’s a scam
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No scam
-One of the major factors to know if it is a scam is when the site/employer/company is already asking you too much personal information and private ones such as bank accounts. Some fake sites mimic a particular trusted website, this way, when you log in or sign up, they would be able to gain access to your YM account, and worst of all your personal information. This is known as Phishing.

Applying for the online job
-Some sites may require you to pay for membership. If you are not familiar with the site, avoid it first; especially if you are a beginner to online job try accessing first free websites. Usually, it would require you to sign-up. Remember, avoid sites that ask your personal information such as bank accounts and pre-payment. Your employers will pay you mostly by Paypal, and other accepted online methods of payments. After signing up, and interviewing some person about the sites legitimacy, you may now start your road in finding the perfect employer.

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